Commissioners to seek input on golf cart ordinance

PLYMOUTH — Marshall County residents will have a chance to make their opinion known on the Commissioners proposed ordinance to allow golf carts on county roads.
The measure was brought before the Commissioners in early June. At that time the ordinance allowed golf cart traffic only on roads with reduced speed limits or in neighborhoods surrounding area lakes and golf courses.
The measure was adopted by the Commissioners on first reading but subsequently County Attorney Jim Clevenger was asked by the board to revise or prepare a second version of the ordinance that would allow golf cart traffic on all county roads to be considered for the two further readings of the ordinance.
Clevenger presented a revised version of the ordinance for consideration on Monday, and stated that he had not received input as of yet from Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin.
Commissioner Jack Roose stated that he had received numerous calls from his constituents asking for the change to allow traffic on all county roads, stating that he "…wasn't sure that limiting that traffic is fair to everyone in the county."
Commissioner Greg Compton expressed concern about possible accidents by having slower moving vehicles on some county roads where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour especially those where traffic ahead was not visible for a longer distance.
Clevenger stated to the board that he would feel better about any ordinance if the Commissioners were to have a public meeting on the matter to allow input.
"I think we should schedule a public meeting on the matter," he told the Commissioners. "I really feel we should get the input of those who have an interest in the matter."
Compton and Roose both agreed with Clevenger and the Commissioners will add a public meeting on the ordinance to their first meeting in July.