Commissioners discuss new building to better handle recycling

The Starke County Highway Department. The commissioners discussed the construction of a building on the northwest part of the grounds located next to this building.
James Master

At the Sept. 4 meeting of the Starke County Commissioners, Director of Starke County Environmental Management Agency Carrie Trent-Kuchel and County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler came before the commissioners to discuss building a facility that would house the agency.

Commissioner Kathy Norem explained that the commissioners (Don Binkley, Charlie Chesak, and herself) sit on the Solid Waste Board along with other members of county and other governing bodies.

“There have been some changes recently, some significant changes, in recycling. To make a long story short, the cost of recycling is going to go up dramatically. So the Solid Waste Board has to look at what options do we have at this point because we can no longer afford, with the present stream of revenue, to keep all the recycling bins out like they currently are,” said Norem.

She went on to say that options included to increase the tax to the people or to consolidate recycling to one focal point where the citizens of the county could take their recyclables. Norem stated that raising taxes was something that she was not interested in doing.

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