City to donate $100,000 towards clinic expansion

PLYMOUTH — The Community Resource Center has a boost in the checkbook for a clinic expansion project on East Washington Street, but it did not get a loan it requested from the City.

Plymouth Town Council members approved a resolution granting the Center $100,000, but denied an additional $75,00 loan request. This decision was made at the council meeting Monday night.

According to Mayor Mark Senter, the council, himself and the City treasurer determined that the legal ramifications of the project were more than the city wanted to take on. The project involves the purchase of a home for demolition and the relocation of the home’s resident to accommodate an expanded clinic area and parking lot.

The clinic, which is run by St. Joseph’s Medical Center offers services to those who cannot afford to seek out their own providers. Senter said the need for this service is expected to grow, as the federal Affordable Health Care Act moves forward.

(For more news on Plymouth City Council actions, check out Wednesday's print edition of the Pilot News)