City budget passed

PLYMOUTH —The Plymouth Common Coun-cil passed the 2011 budget Ordinance on second and third readings with a 4-0 vote Monday.
The Council also voted to allow the transfer of $185,000 from the general fund to the rainy day fund.
According to Mayor Mark Senter, there was approximately $4.1 million in the rainy day fund before the transfer.
City Attorney Nelson Chipman said the city is in a very enviable position by having the funds to transfer. Council member Mark Neidig said, “This is an extremely rare occasion with what is going on in the country.”
Senter expressed his appreciation to the citizens of Plymouth, donors, and the media for their help in addressing the vandalism that occurred in Oakhill Cemetery.
Vandals damaged 110 headstones in the cemetery. Five citizens contributed a total $5,000 to a reward fund.
He also thanked Super-intendent Jim Ousnamer and his staff for the repair work that they performed in clean-up efforts.
“They were putting things back in place the best way they could by Tuesday, Sept. 28,” Senter said, adding there were 22 headstones beyond repair. The South Bend Monument Company also helped to restore headstones and have taken one headstone back to their facility to work on it.
Senter praised Plymouth Police officers, Jim Cox, Leo Mangus, Ted Brown, and Dave Bacon for their investigative work that led to arrest of four in the matter.
Senter said, “I don’t understand it to this day and never will.”