City, airport partner with solar companies to bring solar energy to Plymouth

The Plymouth airport's solar panel project has been completed after four weeks of work by solar panel installer Morton Solar. The panels, which reside near the entrance ramp to US 30 off Michigan Street, harvest energy from the sun which energy company GES will sell to NIPSCO while leasing the property from the airport until the 15 year contract expires.
David M. Palmer
Staff Writer

The Plymouth Airport has partnered with Solar energy companies GES, Morton Solar and Telamon Energy Solutions to bring solar energy to Plymouth.
On Thursday, Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter joined representatives from each company as well as members of the Board of Aviation Commissioners and other local officials to ring in the completion of the airport's solar energy project.
According to Bruce Breeden, vice president of Telamon Energy Solutions, the agreement will allow the airport to lease the property where the solar panels now reside near the entrance ramp to US 30 to the energy company that owns the panels, GES, while the energy produced by the panels will be sold by GES to NIPSCO for 15 years at a fixed rate.
Breeden said the city of Plymouth will have the option of purchasing the solar array at the end of the 15 year contract, at which time the city will be able to continue selling the solar energy or use it for city purposes.
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