Carnival returns to 2013 4-H fair

MARSHALL CO. — The carnival is back.
Marshall County 4-H Fair Board President Ron Rensberger said that after not having a carnival at the fair last year, the board has decided to bring it back for this year’s fair.
“People wanted the carnival, but they wanted a good carnival — something that looks good and is safe,” said Rensberger, adding, “That’s what we all want.”
The carnival that used to be at the fair is now unavailable because of cost and scheduling changes, said Rensberger. A new carnival called Circus City Amusements will be entertaining fairgoers.
“It’s hard to find a carnival, there are only so many and they are trying to cover all the fairs and festivals,” said Rensberger. “There are big carnivals, but we can’t afford for them to come in. (Circus City Amusements) came with a good recommendation form other carnivals, and we talked to other festivals and fairs and they were happy with them. Even though they are small, they can handle a big crowd. It’s more of a family run and family oriented business…and they were available (for this year’s fair dates).”

To read more of this story, see the April 22 edition of the Pilot News.