'A carnival of lids' to help provide Riverside benches

PLYMOUTH — Calvary Lutheran’s pre-school program is hoping to put Riverside Intermediate School on the bench — literally.
Riverside’s ecology program is currently collecting plastic lids — for example those on beverage bottles, spray cans and margarine tubs — for a special recycling project.
According to Jill Montgomery, an ecology sponsor at Riverside, the recycled tops will be sent to a company in Terre Haute to be converted into benches for the school.
The company in Terre Haute is one of the only ones in the nation which performs the process and the students must collect 250 pounds of the tops to create one bench.
Calvary Lutheran has added their help to the project for a special reason — counting.
“We use them to teach the children how to count,” said Diane Eveland, head of Calvary Lutheran’s pre-school, and adds Erin Houser of the pre-school, “Over and over, and over, again.”
The drive started as a competition between the 3-year-old class and the 4-year-old class over which could raise the most lids. On the way to the nearly 2,600 lids collected, the counting practice isn’t the only helpful thing the children are learning.
“It’s also a good thing to teach kids how they can do something to help others and to help the environment,” said Eveland.