Care and Share hosts annual meeting Thursday

PLYMOUTH — The annual meeting of Care and Share will be held on Thursday, Feb. 24 at the Plymouth Wesleyan Church.
Care and Share was originally organized to allow individuals, businesses, organizations and churches to pool their donations into one central fund for distribution to those in our area experiencing emergency financial difficulties.
Board President Pastor Jim Irwin said, “It is our annual meeting, but more importantly it is a fundraiser. Of course our funds are used to help with emergency needs for those families who find themselves in trouble financially in these tough times.”
The office for Care and Share is housed in the Marshall County Neighborhood Center on Garro Street in Plymouth.
“It is also an opportunity for churches and individuals with compassion for those with needs to come and learn how they might be able to better serve their community through collaboration with Care and Share,” Irwin added.
Irwin would also like to get the message out they there are currently openings on the board.
“At the Feb. 24 meeting, we will be electing new board members as well.”
Speaker for the meeting will be Sister Shirley Bell, Poor Hand-maidens of Jesus Christ in Donaldson. Sister Shirley is the director of the Maria Center, an independent apartment community for retired citizens. Graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from DePaul University, she spent ten years in nursing practice, emergency nursing and staff education.
She has volunteered with Catholic Relief Services and Care in a Cambodian refugee camp in Thailand.
Sister Shirley earned her masters in Pastoral Studies at Loyola University and served on her religious congregation’s leadership teams including that of formation director for seven years for women entering the congregation.
She will speak Thursday night on the topic of service.
The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. with a gathering time and silent auction; followed by dinner at 7 p.m. Entertainment will be by the Well Band of the First United Methodist, well-known throughout the community for their concerts and choir performances.
Suggested donation for attending the meeting is $15. Irwin said the entire community is invited.
Current board members are listed below for those wanting to obtain more information on Care and Share or to purchase tickets for the event: Jim Irwin, 574-952-8712; Jim Griffy, 574-933-1093; Bill Kummer, 574-936-4935; Joan Fish-er, 574-935-1703; Doug Kucera, 574-540-9105; Robin Keating, 574-216-0331; Tom Wruble, 574-274-2222; Bill Wallace, 574-935-3439; Dave Langdon, 574-936-7004; and Marie Hartzell, 574-248-0052.