Can public help solve mystery connected to downtown landmark?

Organizers behind preservation and restoration efforts for the Rees Theater in downtown Plymouth hope the public can help locate, or determine the fate, of art deco decorations that once adorned the theater’s auditorium. The year the photo was taken wasn’t immediately known.
Shawn McGrath
Staff Writer

It’s a mystery – and the hope is the public can help solve a cold case involving a local landmark.
Denny Bottorff, a member of the committee directing the preservation and renovation of the Rees Theater, hopes the community can help find four art deco decorations that once adorned the interior walls of the theater itself.
Bottorff said the pieces on the north and south sides of the theater were large, about 4-by-8 feet. He said smaller pieces were near the theater’s exits on its east side. Those, too, are long gone.
“Obviously, they weren’t stolen because they’re too big,” Bottorff said last week.
He theorizes they were removed and are stored somewhere locally, maybe as close as being in the basement of a fellow downtown building.
If you know the location of the art deco decorations that once adorned the Rees Theater, or if you know their fate, contact Denny Bottorff at 261-1407 or Randy Danielson at 286-2391.
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