Calm before the storm

PLYMOUTH - Sometimes waiting is the hard part.
With winter storm warnings in the forecast Tuesday local road crews were on “high alert”.
“We were actually ready for it yesterday (Monday),” said Plymouth Street Department Superintendent Jim Marquardt on Tuesday morning waiting for the storm. “We had a crew come in at 4 a.m. because of what was predicted last night because we thought it would be good to get a jump on it.”
“We’re looking out the window like everybody else just waiting for it to hit,” said County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck. “I’m literally getting all the weather reports, CNN, the National Weather service, special road and weather updates from INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) putting together all my own information but it really just comes down to a guessing game.”
Both crews deal with their own unique problems keeping roads safe and clear for area residents. In the city Marquardt’s crews have the traffic and parked cars that can make removal difficult. For Heack’s crews it’s blowing and drifting snow that causes the nightmares.
“If it comes in when they are predicting (mid afternoon on Tuesday) it’s going to be a little difficult,” said Marquardt. “That’s really the time when most people are parking along the streets. We’ll do all we can to keep the main roads clear and get into some of the residential areas in the evening.”
“We really adjust what we do to how it comes in,” said Haeck. “If it’s coming in really fast and heavy we’ll stay on the main roads first to keep them passable and have everybody out. If we get the mixing stuff that some are saying that’s not fun.”
Both are ready to hit the road.
“Everything is full of gas, the lights are flashing and we’re ready to roll,” said Haeck.