In the business of miracles: Local realtor has donated $105K to Riley Hospital for Children

Realtor Anna Gilsinger has donated $105K to Riley Hospital for Children.
Courtney Dobrzykowski
Staff Writer

Two years ago, local realtor Anna Gilsinger was sitting at a regional RE/MAX awards dinner when a Portland-based realtor stood up to talk about his young daughter’s difficult journey with Riley Children’s Hospital.

“In that moment, I knew what I wanted to do,” Gilsinger said. “And it’s been an adventure.”

Gilsinger was raised in Winamac, Indiana, and eventually went on to get a master’s degree in accounting.

She moved to Bourbon six years ago, after working as a public accountant in Chicago, and fell in love with a historic brick house north of town.

Gilsinger had been working at her family’s business, a local John Deere dealership in Bourbon, and had decided to pursue a realtor’s license “for fun” in 2015. And when the Warsaw branch of RE/MAX said they were only looking to hire full-time realtors, she wasn’t ready to leave the dealership yet.

“They say you’re not going to make money in your first year, so once I did leave the John Deere store, I thought, ‘I could go do mission work, I could do whatever I wanted, I could become a realtor; either way I won’t make any money, so it doesn’t matter,’” she said.

Then she attended that awards dinner, and heard the Portland realtor’s testimony. She realized she would be able to combine her passion for mission work and realty.

“I just remember sitting there knowing that that’s what I was supposed to do,” she said.

As part of RE/MAX’s Children’s Miracle Network, realtors are able to declare their listed homes as “Miracle Homes.” When those houses are sold, a portion of the profits is donated to a CMN hospital, one of which being Indianapolis’ Riley Hospital for Children.

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