Bremen, Triton grads give $100K to Rees

Tod and Ellen Stillson and members of the Plymouth community, including Mayor Mark Senter, stand beneath the Rees Theater’s marquee on Friday. Rees Project Committee members announced that the Stillsons will be donating $100,000 over four years toward the rehabilitation and repurposing of the theater.
Shawn McGrath
Staff Writer

Upcoming fundraiser
The Rees Project Committee will be holding a fundraiser, “Putting on the Rees,” Friday, Oct. 5, at Christo’s Banquet Center, 830 Lincoln Highway E., Plymouth. Ticket prices have not yet been set, organizers said. The event will feature live and silent auctions, prime rib dinner and Plymouth High School students will perform some live music. Shelley Heiden and Linda Starr are co-chairing the event. Christ Kurtis, Christo’s owner, is donating the food and venue for the event. For more information about the Rees Theater go to

A Plymouth couple is giving $100,000 to the ongoing efforts to save the Rees Theater and hope their gift sparks others to donate — both large and small contributions.
Dr. Tod and Ellen Stillson will give the funds over four years. Of the donation, $75,000 will go directly toward construction costs, while $25,000 will be placed into an endowment through the Marshall County Community Foundation to pay for ongoing operations and upkeep, said Randy Danielson, one of the co-chairs on the Rees Project Committee.
“Ellen and I our fortunate to live in this community,” Tod Stillson said. “We believe it’s important to give back to the community. And it’s important to be generous to a community that has been generous to us.
“We like to donate to the community,” he continued. “We believe the Rees Theater is going to bring a vitality to our community and our downtown that is diverse and broad. And it is going to allow for many in the community to enjoy its diverse uses as it is redeveloped and repurposed. It’s an important element of Plymouth’s future vitality.”
Ellen Stinson echoed her husband.
“It’s exciting to see that develop,” she said.
The donation was announced on Friday at Opie’s Deli, 114 N. Michigan St.
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