Bremen plant reaches milestone

BREMEN — A commitment to safety has led one local company to a significant milestone.
Johns Manville of Bremen recently held a celebration for employees — including a steak dinner — because of their remarkable achievement. The company has completed 15 years without a lost time accident.
“This milestone has to do with the quality of our workers,” said Joe Korepta, Bremen plant manager. “Everybody cares about everybody.”
In remarks at the celebration Korepta praised the loyalty and dedication of those at the Bremen Johns Manville plant.
“There is a great level of respect for each other in a professional manner,” said Korepta. “There is a great dedication to this company. Everybody shows up for work everyday. When it’s a nice day outside you don’t have guys calling in sick, they come to work, that says a lot about all of you.”
The Bremen Johns Manville plant is one of just two nationwide that have reached the 15-year milestone. The company has a commitment to safety. From the company website;
“Our focus is on preventing all accidents and injuries. All employees are required to ensure we have an accident-free work environment. Your involvement, participation and understanding are important to achieving our safety goals.”
“This is all about you,” Korepta told his workers. “None of this would happen without you and your dedication to this company.”
Johns Manville is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality building insulation, commercial roofing, roof insulation, and specialty products for commercial, industrial and residential applications.