Bremen fifth graders find ‘world changer’

BREMEN — To a fifth grader, the world can seem pretty small, but when challenged to identify “world changers,” it becomes a much larger place. Dec. 14, 24 Bremen Middle School fifth graders got a lesson in life, business, and global perspectives from Chuck Klockow, owner of Horse Saddle Shop (HSS) in Bremen.
“It all began with the study of early explorers” said Reata Dongell, fifth grade teacher at Bremen Middle School. Through their research “...students decided that the early explorers’ qualities and those of modern day world changers were very similar” she continued.
In Dongell’s search for a successful local businessperson that could be considered a “world changer” in the local community, Klockow and Horse Saddle Shop made the grade.
“When asking around for a Bremen businessperson that would be a good example for our students, Chuck’s name was one of the first that was mentioned,” Dongell said.
Students asked Klockow about his childhood, work, experience, and dreams. “The harder you work, the stronger you get, physically and emotionally,” Klockow — who is no stranger to hard work — explained.
Klockow said that he had been unsuccessful twice before finding a niche with “Failures are an opportunity to learn,” Klockow said. “Don’t be afraid to do things and take chances.”
Klockow, who is also a member of the Bremen Public Schools Board of Trustees, began HSS in 2000. In 2012 HSS has serviced customers in all 50 states including the District of Columbia and 45 countries. In 2010 HSS led in sales for six of its product lines including Billy Cook, Circle Y, Crates, Dakota, Fabtron, and Tucker Saddles.
Other members of the community who will speak to Dongell’s class include Bremen Elementary Middle School Principal, Larry Yelaska and Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney, David Holmes. Students will complete their projects after Christmas when they will present their findings on what it takes to be a “world changer.”