Boys & Girls Club night a big hit

PLYMOUTH — All that Jazz and all that cash were good things for the Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County Saturday night.
The Club held its annual fundraising dinner and auction with some very good results. At the end of the night they were able to bring in around $29,000.
“I think people liked the fact we had a wide variety of items in our silent auction,” said Billie Treber, director of the Club. “We didn’t have just all high-end items like jewels or trips. I think everybody enjoyed that.”
Contributors like Hoosier Catering made the live auction a hit too, with Mary Beth Listenberger of Hoosier Catering settling a bidding war.
“The prime rib dinner had two people bidding against each other they finally got up to $900,” said Treber. “Mary Beth decided that she would go ahead and give two dinners.”
Entertainment was provided by the Plymouth High School Jazz Band with former club member Shelly Ortiz also providing vocals.
“It was a good evening and I think our donors really had a good time and a good dinner,” said Treber. “Our donors are very steadfast and that’s a great thing.”
The money will also go a long way towards providing the Boys & Girls Club need of around $1,200 per day to maintain their programs.
“It’s an ongoing thing,” said Treber. “We’re seeing more and more young kids, others who stay longer at the Club. Recently our building has begun to show some wear and tear and that’s been a drain, but our donors are great. They keep coming out and they keep helping us out.”