Bourbon author being considered in Reader's Digest contest

BOURBON — Sandy Schriefer of Bourbon wrote her life story in 150 words on a whim when she saw a Reader's Digest writing contest. Now, her story is being considered for publication in the national magazine. Although she is a resident of this area, Schriefer's story is about how her life changed dramatically following the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
Ten years ago, Sandy Schriefer of Bourbon was working at William Leman in Bremen. At that time, the mint processing plant was about to partner with Colgate-Palmolive. After 9/11 happened, they pulled out of the deal—causing a slippery economical slope that eventually forced William Leman to close.
Schriefer, whose area of expertise is in chemistry, needed a career change.
After considering nursing, she decided to become a science teacher. Schriefer taught at Mishawaka High School and later at Culver Military Academy.
"I wouldn't have made the transition to teaching had I not lost my job at William Lemon," said Schriefer.
After eight years of teaching, Schriefer is now making another career change. She said that teaching, while rewarding, was "life-draining."
"The work was endless," said Schriefer. "I just decided I need to do something else."
Schriefer's story can be viewed at's Digest by searching for "Unexpected Turn of Events" or Schriefer's name. Users can vote on the stories posted, and winners will later be selected by Reader's Digest editors.