Boiler issues give Triton day off

BOURBON - The fall chill made it’s way into Triton High School on Monday morning forcing school officials to postpone classes for the day.
“There was no heat at the high school and room temperatures were around 55 degrees,” said Triton Superintendent Donna Burroughs. “I don’t think that would have made for a very good learning environment so we decided to cancel classes for the day.”
The problem is related to the construction projects at the school. As part of that construction the school is replacing all of the boilers at the high school that provide heating in the winter time. Crews were caught off guard by the sudden chill in the weather.
“Those boilers are probably 40 years old so they are being replaced,” said Burroughs. “It was a case of typical problems you have with any construction project. Workers had to order parts to get them back on line, the parts were supposed to be here Friday, the parts didn’t come in. That’s what caused the problem.”
Burroughs hopes that it will be back to business as usual on Tuesday.
“They’ve (the construction company) told me that they have everybody working on it,” she said. “Even if it takes working around the clock. We don’t want to have days that we have to make up later.”
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