Board of Works approves trial period with emergency response phone service

NAPPANEE — Residents are alerted that the freeze warning is still in place citywide. Residents are encouraged to leave water running through faucets and showers to avoid pipes freezing.
Residents who leave taps gently running to avoid frozen pipes should then call the Nappanee Water Department, 574-773-4623, to put their names on a list of those participating in these instructions so the added water costs can be adjusted from monthly bills.
These important reminders came from members of the Nappanee Board of Public Works and Safety during a Feb. 24 meeting.
Board members approved a two-week trial period of a new “Code Messaging” system. The program will send call information directly to the cell phones of emergency responders—including the nature of the call and address location of where to respond.
After utilizing the cell phone program for the two-week period emergency responders from fire and emergency medical services will work with city leaders to evaluate the program which will be provided by Code Messaging, Inc.
If approved costs are currently projected to be $100 for setup of the new code messaging format, and an additional $50 monthly charge which will be divided between the Nappanee fire and emergency medical services departments.
**For more information, see the March 5 edition of the Nappanee Advance News.