Blizzard 2011 = Snow Day

By Angel Perkins
At risk of being dubbed The Pilot News Weather Blogger, I must make mention of what television news channels named ... THE BLIZZARD of 2011, or, to those of us that are ancient enough to remember the blizzard that took place in 1978 ... the snow day.
Yes, it was exciting to hear about this year's storm before it came barreling through but after it came and went, it left something to be desired ... though the driving WAS difficult. The shoveling still is. But I remember our family being stranded ... IN THE CITY ... for a week. I remember police and fire officials going door-to-door on snowmobiles (no Hummers or snowblowers then my friends), armed with shovels and bags of water and bread, knocking on doors, asking if people needed food, medical assistance or taken elsewhere to further their existence. I remember people using pots and pans to dig themselves through their doorways to the outside. I remember my five-foot-tall mother pulling us on a sled across the top of the snowfall ... nothing exceptional for the season correct? Unless you take into consideration that she was standing, with her arms fully entended above her head, while pulling the sled. Tragically, many people did pass away that year, regardless of the efforts of the generous and able. And, by the time school went back in session, we had all but forgotten what had been the focus in our classes.
My experience this year was much less dramatic. I left the Plymouth office late Tuesday afternoon for home, was driving down Old 30, and the only oncoming traffic was literally, a snowmobile. We all got snowed in so we snuggled in. The children were estastic that they didn't have school (we in the rural areas don't often get that luxury) but no child was more pleased than the adults that got their own snow day. Ahhhh, it was nice to have a day during the week to "veg out." Many of us hadn't had a snow day since we were in school, so it was that much more appreciated. My family and I took full advantage of the opportunity. We stayed in our jammies all day. We "Yahtzeed" and "Rummied" and sank each other's battleships. I did laundry in mammoth perportions. We caught up on TV shows we had recorded, but most of all, we relaxed; we played and we "oohed" and "aahed" at the angry wind and giant snowflakes.
What did you do?