Biggest fire in city's history

PLYMOUTH — To say that Plymouth’s new Fire Chief Rod Miller hit the ground running in his second full week as fire chief is an understatement. The Chief was in command at the largest fire in the city’s history, one lasting more than 24 hours.
Around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, firemen were called to the Liberty Street Depot building at the corner of Liberty and Pennsylvania Streets in Plymouth.
“By the time we got here, we’d seen the billows of smoke coming down the street,” said Miller, who also said the building, which was built in the 1870s and is about 80,000 square feet.
Crews from nearly every department in Marshall County were on hand — nearly 100 firefighters — to defensively battle the blaze.
Water, because the building is located in a residential neighborhood, was pumping as fast as it could be, but the building burned into the night. Firemen on the scene the next day knocked down bricks to spray the bottom portions of the building to keep it from rekindling.
The Liberty Street Depot was the former home of factory United Technologies, was used as a warehouse and also had several office buildings inside. No one was injured in the fire, except a few minor injuries to firemen for flying debris, and possibly to a few neighbors from the heavy smoke.
The Red Cross came onto the scene late in the night to provide coffee and sandwiches to firemen who had been working — some up to 24 full hours.
The state fire marshal will be on the scene today, and is expected to investigate the cause throughout the week.
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