Bids opened for Community Resource Center

PLYMOUTH – Reality for a dream moved a step closer with the opening of bids for the Community Resource Center.
The building that will give a home to many of the counties social services agencies has been a dream of many in the community. The common home would allow pooling of resources and efforts of the agencies and allow them to more effectively pursue their missions. The bids opened at the Marshall County Historical Society Museum on Thursday afternoon moved the building one step closer to reality.
Twelve different companies around the area submitted bids for the construction which was good news for the projects proponents.
“That's more bids than I thought we would have,” said Architect Brent Martin. “All the bids were really tightly grouped too and that's really good news. You don't have any bids that are drastically different than the others.”
Contractors were given several options on the bidding and Martin and his team will have to take some time to crunch all the numbers to award the bid.
“We'll take a look at all the options and figure out just who is the low bidder,” said Martin. “Once we've looked at the alternative bids we'll be able to determine who the low bidder is. We should be able to do that within a week or so.”
Then the process moves on to the next round. The United States Department of Agriculture has given the project a rural development loan and has final approval on the bids.
“We'll make a recommendation to the board (of the CRC),” said Martin. “Then it goes to the USDA where they'll make the final approval. They've told me that we'll know within the next 30 to 60 days.”
Base bids by each company in the order they were opened:
Robert Henry Corporation of South Bend, $2,630,000; Construction Planning and Management of Indianapolis, $2,845,000; Fetters Construction of Auburn, $2,585,000; Hamstra Buildings Incorporated, Wheatfield, $2,880,000; Wiegand Construction of Fort Wayne, $2,747,000; Michiana Contracting of Plymouth, $2,586,200; Majority Builders of South Bend, $2,843,000; Larsen Danielson of LaPorte, $2,825,586; Casteel Construction of South Bend, $2,894,000; Gibson Lewis of Mishawaka, $2,764,000; Brown and Brown of Wakarusa, $2,724,000; Ziolkowski Construction of South Bend, $2,792,000.