This band’s souls are on fire for music

The English composer, of the early 1900s, Frederick Delius declared, “Music is an outburst of the soul” and for local talent Soulfyre this pronouncement is spot-on. The band proclaims their souls are on fire for music.
Warsaw’s famed rock-metal band Soulfyre is back in town this Easter weekend, Saturday, April 7 at the Dandelion bar, and ready to regale and delight their fans with the most popular, crowd-pleasing cover tunes in an unparalleled live performance.
Soulfyre is a veteran in the arena of music and performing, being first established 12 years ago. The band humbly embraces bragging rights for their experiences of sharing the stage with nationally recognized performers such as Godsmack, Chris Angel and Duke Tomato, as well as winning the first Musical Warfare competition in Fort Wayne.
Soulfyre is fronted by Steve Miller, performing lead vocals and also the keyboard. Don Music is Soulfyre’s drummer, while Danny Damron rocks the bass guitar and Greg Prater and Rob Ream both cover the lead/rhythm guitars. All members of the band provide supporting vocals and are each accomplished at multiple instruments, including the uncommon Mandolin that Damron learn to play at the youthful age of 8.
This diverse group, with a proven and recognized wealth of abilities, all began due to childhood friendships sparked by a mutual passion for music. Each fellow was diligent early on as far as pursuing music; they recall their consistent involvement, “We all played in our high school rock bands! Between the 5 of us [there are] too many to name! That's how much we loved to play! ALL THE TIME!”
Soulfyre not only covers mainstream tunes from bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica, Buckcherry, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Disturbed but also composes their own music. They describe their strong and harmonious connection, “We all try to understand what it takes to make good music and make each other happy… We all bring our individual ideas together and are pro-active and positive about putting it together! We are all multi-instrument musicians, which is a huge plus when writing. There's never a lack of ideas!”
Soulfyre’s enthusiasm and personal bond has only strengthened with the passage of time, “We click on stage together. We have a lot of fun… this is our golf or bowling, if you will. Our attitude is to have fun doing what we do and getting everyone involved so we all have fun, no attitudes or egos...The most important thing that hangs on our success is our friendship.” Not forgetting to support their comrades in the business of entertainment Soulfyre adds, “We respect and appreciate all other bands too. We support any live band. We all have that musical bond, that connection.” They cheerfully add, “Our biggest challenge would probably be agreeing on where to eat breakfast after a killer night of rockin’ ou.!”
Soulfyre commands your attention when they thunder onto the stage, instantly invigorating the mood with their rock charisma. They caution the docile, “Our live show is about presence.....The more intense and driven the better! Entertaining is key to having people come back to see you and telling their friends time and time again.”
This professional Coors Light sponsored band takes great pride in succeeding at entertaining and connecting with their audience through a shared appreciation and love of music. If you are unable to enjoy the April 7 Soulfyre performance in Plymouth then be sure to catch them at Rex’s Rendezvous in Warsaw, Saturday April 21.
More information about the band and their upcoming schedule is available on their website at or on Facebook at Soulfyre Live.