Average number of students up for Plymouth Schools

PLYMOUTH — The enrollment for the Plymouth Schools is up 34.72 students over last year.
The number reflects the way in which the state qualifies students as full-time, part-time, or half-time.
For instance, despite the fact that the kindergarten program in Plymouth is full-time, the state counts those enrolled as half-time in terms of reimbursement status.
The official count is competed in September of each year. The state will reimburse school corporations for this year for only the students enrolled on Sept. 18, 2010. There is another count day for students with specific needs, however.
According to information presented to the Plymouth School Board members last week, the final number from all of the schools in the system is 3,404.22.
In 2008, the total was 3,359 and 2009, 3,369.5.
Following are the totals for each grade level: Kindergarten, 246; first grade, 303; second grade, 253; third grade, 249; fourth grade, 305; fifth grade, 271; sixth grade, 262; seventh grade, 273; eighth grade, 298; ninth grade, 288; 10th grade, 267; 11th grade, 234, and 12th grade, 278.
Plymouth Schools did allow a number of students who reside in other schools districts to enroll in the system without making tuition payments. The state changed the manner in which reimbursements are made which meaning the reimbursement payment is forwarded to the system in which a student is enrolled.
Schools can ask for tuition money for out-of-district applications, but the Plymouth School Board made a decision not to impose any charge to parents.