Auditor will seek Human Resources deputy

PLYMOUTH — Marshall County will begin the search for a new Human Resource Deputy position in the Marshall County Auditor’s Office.
The Marshall County Council voted unanimously to recommend that the position be refilled taking the recommendation of the Marshall County Commissioners and Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger, along with Auditor Penny Lukenbill.
Lukenbill told the Council that she and two other deputies in her office had undertaken the duties, but said that it was a clear hardship to the efficient operation of her office for the county. Lukenbill cited concerns for litigation regarding employee/employer issues. Most litigation that takes place against employers is related to Human Resources issues. Such litigation can cost far more than the $40,000 salary proposed for the position.
While Lukenbill said she and her office would be willing to undertake the additional duties, she also stated that she felt the county would be better served with someone in the position that was trained in human resources issues.
Lukenbill said that she had explored the possibilities of an “on call” or part time consultant and felt that the time sensitive issues of the position would make it impractical.
The Council voted to allow Lukenbill to seek a person to fill the position.