Argos unveils new town logo

Argos unveils new town logo during ceremony Wednesday evening. Suzanne Umbaugh and Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter stand by the new logo designed to embody the best qualities of Argos -- the parks and the school.
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Small towns are reinventing the United States according to sociologists, innovators, influencers, and ... the residents of small towns.

While the results of the proclaimed reinvention of the U.S. may yet to be seen, the town of Argos is moving forward with its own reinvention of sorts as evidenced through the town’s new logo, which was unveiled Wednesday evening.

The result of combined efforts of town of Argos officials, local citizens, and local marketing firm Red Door Marketing, the new town logo has already energized the community.

“I am so excited about the unveiling of the new town logo.” said Jon VanDerWeele, Argos Community Development Corporation member. “Actually, it is more than a logo. It is a
symbol of the true essence of the amazing Argos community and a visual representation of the strength and connection among our families, our values, our school, and our park system, while
also offering a future vision of Argos.”

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