Argos Town Council discusses 2018 budget

James Master
Staff Writer

Eric Walsh from Umbaugh and Associates discussed the proposed 2018 budget with the Town Council at its Aug. 16 meeting. The public hearing for the budget will be at the Sept. 20 meeting. The adoption of the budget will be decided in October.
While Walsh was not concerned with the General Fund, Motor Vehicle Highway Fund, and EMS Fire Fund, he was concerned with the Park Fund.
Walsh informed the council that the town only brings in around $90,000 per year for the Park Fund. The 2018 proposed budget for that fund is $150,000.
“If things stay true to the historical and you spend all of that, you’re basically going to spend down and actually go into the red,” said Walsh. “The way it stands right now, the DLGF will actually cut your budget when you submit it to them.”
Walsh gave the council two options to fix this issue. The first would be to give the Park Fund more funds from the General Fund. The second would be to reduce the Park Fund to the $90,000.
The council will need to make a decision concerning how it would like to handle this issue before September.
For the full article, check out the Aug. 24 edition of the News-Mirror.