Argos offers variety of entertainment this weekend

ARGOS – They say that variety is the spice of life and it very well could be the spice of your entertainment options this weekend as Argos High School’s theatre, band and choir departments offer their Variety Show.
Show time is 7:30 p.m Friday and Saturday nights at the Argos High School Auditorium. The evening is full of song, skits and fun provided by the Argos students with the title “Moonlight Montage”.
“This is a student driven show,” said Director Sandy Burroughs of the lineup for the evening. “They auditioned their sketches for a panel of faculty judges and the best ones were put together in the show.”
While the young actors were developing their own material, the band and choir were busy putting the finishing touches on the music for the evening. The music department began working on the show in late September.
“We have seven emcee’s that will entertain and keep the show flowing during the evening,” said Burroughs. “It’s really kind of an honor to be chosen as one of the emcee’s for the show so they’ve really been working hard at it.”
A cast of 75 Argos students will bring the show to the stage and Burroughs has been very happy with all her performers.
“The older kids you expect to really be good but it’s been a pleasant surprise for me to watch all the really talented underclassmen come up with some really good acts,” said Burroughs.
She added, “The rookies have really stepped up with some really good offerings.”
Friday and Saturday will be the days to catch the show beginning at 7:30 p.m each night at the Argos High School Auditorium.