Argos man points gun at step-daughter

ARGOS — An Argos man was jailed after he allegedly pointed an unloaded gun at his step-daughter and threatened to shoot her.
Marshall County Sheriff’s Department officers responded to a home on the 15000 block of Hickory Road in Argos.
Donald F. Kulcsar, 40, Argos, was allegedly upset over children being noisy in the home.
At that point he pointed the gun.
Officers from Bourbon and Argos were also at the scene.
Kulcsar was booked into Marshall County Jail for neglect of a dependent, a class D felony, and pointing a firearm at a person, a class A misdemeanor.
A case report will be completed and forwarded to the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office along with the Division of Family and Children.
Kulcsar was held on a $1,500 bond.

Details emerge in meth case
PLYMOUTH - A local man has been charged with dealing in methamphetamine and possession of stolen property.
Charges have been filed in Marshall County Superior Court against Andrew Jay White in connection with operating a meth lab and possessing property taken in a burglary at Stone Creek Homes in Plymouth in September. Both are felony charges and White is incarcerated in the Marshall County Jail with a bond of $200,000.
Plymouth Police Detective Leo Mangus followed up a tip received by Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy Jonathan Bryant regarding a cargo box from a truck that was possibly from the burglary located at a residence on Rose Road. Bryant’s informant had also advised that tools and other items from the burglary were also at the residence and that the truck had been dismantled and sold for scrap.
Arriving at the residence Mangus found the cargo box and in plain sight other items that proved to be those taken in the burglary at Stone Creek Homes. A search warrant was obtained and when officers returned to the residence they found White in a truck on the property near a storage shed with an electrical cord stretched into the truck. It was discovered that White was in the process of operating a meth lab.
White was arrested and taken to the Marshall County Jail where he awaits trial.