Argos hosts lacrosse doubleheader Saturday

Argos goalie Cole Markley gets to the ball.
Maggie Nixon
Staff Writer

ARGOS — The Argos lacrosse inaugural season is nearing its end, playing a doubleheader Saturday at home starting at 1 p.m. and a game Tuesday at Elkhart. The 21-member team has had some success — winning a game early on. But the small school was no match Thursday for Fort Wayne Carroll’s experienced squad.
“Tonight's game was rough,” said Coach Ryan Humphrey, “and a real character builder. It was the hardest team we've faced all season.”
The coach gave his scoring duo of the night credit: “Devon Allen scored off a great assist by Noah Risner,” he said, not allowing the young Dragons to be shut out.
While Carroll was able to score more than a dozen times, Cole Markley had a fair amount of saves in the goal.
“My boys are tough both physically and mentally,” Humphrey said. “No first year team I've ever worked with has such a drive, focus and progress in their first season as they have. They have that all day long.”
Humphrey said this season was all about that progress and helping each other. “Each player brings a unique tool kit to the field and we always talk about how each player can help,” he said. “They do, every day. Saturday's games are unpredictable; they are two teams I just don't know much about yet. And Tuesday we close with the team we opened against at Elkhart Memorial. We look forward to that rematch!”
Beyond this year that will close with team awards and bon fire Friday, May 25, Humphrey isn’t quite focused on what’s ahead. “Looking forward to next year is tough,” he said. “We've come so far and I'm really just focusing on these guys now and what each one can gain from the season they are in now. I tell them frequently how proud I am and they deserve it all. They have tenacity and perseverance the likes of which I've rarely seen.”
Team members and their jersey numbers are: Koleman Norris (1); Devon Allen (2); Bryce Jackson (3); Noah Risner (4); Jack McIntire (5); Will Mills (6); Chino Roque (7) Oskar Mogk (8); Jobe Kaylor (9); Zak Heiman (10); Coleton Markley (11); Cameron Markley (12); Gabe Stone (13); Shane Stevens (14); Josh Miller (16); Jesper Esser (17); Riley Whitaker (20); Brody Bennett (21); Bob Bowen (22); JJ Riddle (23) and Noah Bauer (24). Humphrey is assisted by Boyd Risner.