Argos High School freshman orientation

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Argos Jr.-Sr. High School
Orientation to High School

Argos Schools offers: AP and Dual Credit Classes… PLTW…. Proven Career Pathways to College/Training and Beyond….School-wide Collaborative Projects…. Moving towards 1 to 1 Technology yet keeping Strong Student/Teacher Centered Classrooms…. Active Agriculture Program with strong FFA Involvement as well as many other clubs and athletics…
Argos Schools offers added opportunities: K-12 Environment -Promoting Role Models and Volunteerism…. College Road Trips to Southern Indiana Colleges… Year End Celebrations with Senior Class Trip and High School Field Day Class Competition …. A Place Where Everybody Truly Knows Your Name ….
Come see for yourself the value of an Argos education…..

THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH – 6:30pm – Argos HS Auditorium

Students completing 8th grade this year and their parents are invited to attend Argos Community School’s High School Orientation Night. Mrs. Judy Delp, Guidance Director at Argos, will present important information that will make the transition from middle school to high school easier.
ACADEMICS: The value of education in today’s world, diploma options with differences highlighted, GPA calculations and importance of starting high school strong, college admissions requirements, vocational opportunities, Dual Credit and Advanced Placement Classes offered will be discussed. Summer school opportunities will also be presented.
CAREER AWARENESS: Individual results of Career Cruising from 8th grade will be explained and an outline of high school interest/personality inventories used yearly to help students understand themselves better and thus be better able to choose a career path. Career Pathways will also be presented and explained.
ACTIVITIES: Various opportunities for students to be involved outside of the classroom will be highlighted with the emphasis on the availability of leadership and participation spots that often are filled quickly at a larger school.
SIGN UP FOR 21st CENTURY: Families that qualify on a financial scale presented will be given the opportunity that night to visit a lab and enroll their child in the 21st Century Scholars Program.
SIGN UP FOR INDIVIDUAL SESSION for 4 YEAR PLAN: Parents will be encouraged to sign up for night time spots available in mid March to meet with Mrs. Delp and their son/daughter to create an individual four year plan for each student. These plans serve as roadmaps for future discussions and decisions for annual scheduling decisions and are invaluable in helping students see how high school paves the way to a more successful future.
The doors will be open to walk the Argos halls and witness firsthand why many choose to call Argos Schools home.