Argos classes battle it out on field day

ARGOS — As the first students entered the building last Friday morning, it was clear this was not an ordinary day at Argos High School. From seniors who accented their apparel with neon green duct tape to freshman that painted their faces with black and red war paint — the lines of competition were clear and the second annual Argos High School Field Day was finally here. All morning as student went through their academic class schedule, cheerful jibes were shared along with not so subtle posters that declared their class’ prowess and superiority. Black clad seniors staked their claim while gold decked juniors challenged that claim. Creative sophomores wore all shades of blue in their endeavor to thwart the ever eager newbies — the red team — also known as the freshman. After a picnic lunch that included the sounds of each class boasting of their ability to be the class “whose gonna win — gonna win — gonna win — today…”, the first event of the day commenced with a tricycle relay which quickly showed the wisdom of the junior class’ choice of an oversized tricycle, leading the way to the first victory of the day. Other events enjoyed were rock climbing, tire rolling, leap frogging, pie eating, pyramid building and water balloon dodging. Classes earned points by their places in each event which were tallied into the prior points earned from competitions held throughout the year. The final event included each class working together to impress the judges with their own rendition of the Argos fight song. The “sensational seniors” won this event and prevailed to be the overall winners of the year while the “jubilant juniors” were the victors of the field day events. Sunburned staff and smiling students streamed out of the soccer field stands armed with memories that will last a lifetime.

“It was another great example of why Argos Community Schools is a great place to call home,” said guidance director Judy Delp.