Argos beats Bremen at home sectional

ARGOS — Argos started finishing its shots, while Bremen suddenly struggled to do the same, and Plymouth flooded the box and held off Culver's Whitney Sanders as the Lady Dragons and the Rockies both advanced to set up a classic rivalry match-up at the Argos Girls Soccer Sectional Thursday.
After a number of good runs, Jami Patterson broke through for her eighth goal of the season on a Samantha Hopkins cross through the box with under 2 minutes remaining in the first half to give the Dragons a 1-0 halftime lead and the momentum going into the second half.
"I thought we started a little bit slow as far as connecting," said Argos head coach Jon Alcorn. "We are not a big, fast team; we're not physically strong so we have to pass the ball well, and I don't think we passed it as well in the first half.
"We had the opportunities and we just have to know how to finish them."
"The goal before the half was huge, and as much for anything as we've had trouble scoring this year," he continued. "We've possessed the ball; we've had lots of games where we've had more shots, more shots on goal, but we've been kind of tight so it was really important for us to get that before the half, and it also was a psychological blow to Bremen."
"I've said it before, when teams are evenly matched, all it takes is one mistake," said Bremen head coach Erin Welborn.
"On that one, one of our outside defenders was in the middle; I think she was trying to cover for someone else who moved up to midfield or something like that. It was a well-placed cross, but that's all it takes is one. They did get two, but they didn't get that one until late, so I'm happy with that. If their girls are going to fight and our girls are going to fight someone has to win."