Are resolutions any good? By Bob Collier

Every year about this time I take pen and paper and write out my New Year’s resolutions. I feel like Bullwinkle “The Moose” who always says, “This time for sure.” I honestly intend to keep the resolutions I make. They are usually changes I will like to make in my life. There is no mystery about any of them. I would like to lose 50 pounds. I would like to be a better person. I would like to read and study more. I want to be smarter and I resolve that I will stick to it and accomplish these and other things on the list. I am earnest and if wishes came true I would be one thin, smart person by the end of 2013. I remember in one of the Star Wars movies, Yoda, a Jedi Master told the young Luke Skywalker that there is no can’t. There is only do and do not.
So which will it be for you? Do or Do not. A lot depends on how determined you are. What are you willing to do and how far are you willing to go to see your resolutions become reality? Are you the rabbit that shoots off the starting line giving all you’ve got only to fizzle out in a short time? Are you the turtle who is slow but steady with that hard shell moving ever forward.
Whether rabbit or turtle, the first and most important thing to do is START. Nobody ever finished a race without taking that first step.
The apostle Paul turned his life around and crusaded for the cause of Christ for the remainder of his life. He was able to write the following words when his end was near: 2 Timothy 4:7
“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
Please note what Paul thought was important. To keep fighting, to keep the faith, and to finish what he started. We are each one of us a creation of God. We were given the breath of life for a purpose. The Lord Jesus said he came not to be served but to serve. We have that same purpose. The question is whether or not we will step up to the plate and make a resolution that no matter what, we will put God first in our life. Can you do that? Will you do that? My prayer is that you will stop writing down resolutions and start living resolutions in the new year.
This past year has had its challenges. There were challenges for you, your family, your employer, and yes, your pastor too; 2013 will come with its’ own set of obstacles and challenges. You can make it. Each day put God first and you will see a difference.
Remember, you and I are on the same journey. Happy New Year!

Bob Collier is the pastor of North Salem Church of God.