Ancilla's Bunkowfst has hot hand

PLYMOUTH — She wasn’t quite able to push her team to victory, but Ancilla’s Rebecca Bunkowfst capped off her sophomore season on a personal high note Tuesday.
The Lady Chargers sophomore guard knocked down her first seven attempts from deep on her way to a career-high 23 points and the single-game team record for 3-pointers as Ancilla’s season closed with a 63-56 overtime loss at Lake Michigan Community College Tuesday.
“Some of the girls made really good penetrations and they did kick-outs, but I think, other than that, I just got hot,” she said. “I was popping them from anywhere around the 3-point line, even far behind. I don’t know, it was just a hot hand. It was the help of all the team, don’t get me wrong.”
Bunkowfst hit so many triples at the game, she lost track.
“Once I hit three 3-pointers I didn’t really keep track; I was too much in the game,” she said. “I thought for sure after the game I at least hit six, so I figured I tied the school 3-point record, and then my coach and my parents came up to me and said ‘You just broke the school record with seven.’ I was disappointed but I was happy at the same time because we lost.”
While it may not have been a win, Bunkowfst’s personal stats provided her with an uplifting bookend to a tough run of luck.
First, she tore an ACL at the North Judson-San Pierre High School alumni game last season, then broke her arm during a mishap in the offseason, and finally went through an extended cancer scare after doctors found tumors during surgery for her broken arm.
“I was actually throwing a baseball, and it just snapped,” Bunkowfst said. “I didn’t know I had a tumor until I went to the emergency room, and they saw it on the MRI.
“Then this past season they found a tumor in my breast, and it was benign, it wasn’t cancerous, so they just removed it. I was out for two days of practice, and I came back and played.”
But Bunkowfst may be able to make up for some of that lost time at Ancilla next season.
Although a sophomore, she may still be eligible to play for the junior college after redshirting as a freshman.
“I had some really good news pop up to me about a day or so ago. I might be able to play one more season at Ancilla because of the fact that I redshirted as a freshman from being injured,” Bunkowfst said. “I’m going to have my associate’s degree, but they’re having a bachelor’s degree through Calumet College at Ancilla so I might just double-major while I’m going for a bachelor’s to play for Ancilla.
“I had a couple other schools looking at me, but I didn’t want to leave here. Once my coaches started talking and trying to help me stay at Ancilla any possible way, I got really excited. These past couple weeks have been really inspiring for me and my family, just because I came so far.”