Ancilla College hosts Marshall County Promise

Kindergarteners and first graders from several Marshall County schools visited Ancilla College as part of the Marshall County Promise program. The program introduces the youngsters to college in a fun and friendly atmosphere hoping to impress on them how important furthering their education can be.
Staff Report
Staff Writer

Ancilla College was taken over by kindergarteners and first graders as over 1400 students visited the campus for the Marshall County Promise “Walk into My Future” program. Instructors, coaches, and other staff were on hand to give the young college hopefuls a glimpse into the world of academia.

The children walked through 10 different stations that covered college topics. They were able to interact with the goats from the goat farm while learning about agriculture, handle plastic replicas of body organs for science class, participated in writing a story for Creative Writing, and even learned some deep breathing coping exercises. A recycling station was also in place with help from The Marshall County Recycle Depot. All of this gave the students a glimpse of what college life is like. “Hopefully we can impress upon the kids how fun college can be and stress the importance of furthering their education after high school,” said Emily Hutsell, Director of Institutional Advancement at Ancilla College. “If we plant these seeds at an early age, they may be more likely to continue.”

"Marshall County Promise celebrates the dreams of all youth by integrating a visit to Ancilla College. This experience allows each of our young learners an interactive campus experience that can help them visualize college,” said Kelsey Flynn, Marshall County Promise Co-Director. “Marshall County Promise appreciates and is thankful for the partnership that our community has with Ancilla College."

Ancilla College is proud to be working with Marshall County Promise, as well as the community, to inspire the growth of minds no matter how young they are. Even the mighty oak was once just a seed. Our future is in the hands and minds of our children.

Ancilla College, founded in 1937, is a small, private, liberal arts school offering associate degrees in over two dozen academic programs and intercollegiate athletics at their campus near Plymouth, Indiana. Ancilla is a sponsored ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, part of the Center at Donaldson.