3.8 Earthquake shakes Indiana

GREENTOWN — At 7:55 Thursday morning many Hoosiers — including a few Plymouth residents — felt the earth move.
According to the U.S. Geological Survey, an earthquake initially estimated at a magnitude of 4.2 struck north-central Indiana. USGS later revised its estimate to 3.8. The quake struck just before 8 a.m. and was 3 miles deep, according to the USGS.
The epicenter was located about near Greentown, 15 miles east-southeast of Kokomo, 15 miles west-southwest from Marion and 50 miles north of Indianapolis.
Howard County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Rogers says the department was bombarded by phone calls after the quake from people wondering what had happened.
He says some people reported hearing a loud boom.
Indiana University geologist Michael Hamburger told Indianapolis television station WTHR the quake was felt across Central Indiana and into western Ohio.
He said the temblor occurred in an area “that’s seismically very quiet.”
There were no reports of damage in Indianapolis, but closer to the epicenter residents reported being rattled. The Indianapolis Star reported the quake was felt as far west as New Castle and in Martinsville, items shook off the shelves.
One person wrote on Twitter: “Funny, I thought one of my kids ran into a wall, and lo and behold, it was just a 4.2-magnitude earthquake in Indiana!”
Bob Herr of Plymouth said, “This morning I waited by the front door while the dog decided if a walk was in order. The door was open but the storm door was still shut. Suddenly, the storm door began rattling and the floor vibrated like nothing ever experienced. Immediately I ran outside to look for a heavy truck passing or an oncoming train, but all was quiet. We tried replicating the vibration but realized it had to be a tremor. The time was 7:55 a.m. At 9 a.m., we heard the news story and were convinced that the tremor had occurred.”