10th Annual Dancing with the Stars held Saturday

Billie Treber and Mike Anderson perform the Night Club 2 Step.
Staff Writer

The 10th Annual Dancing with the Stars was held at the Swan Lake Resort on Saturday. 11 dance groups performed to raise money for the Marshall County Neighborhood Center. First place went to Evelin Vargas and Joseph Cartwright. Second place went to the Edward Jones Guys. Lisa Miller and Mike Anderson took third place.
Jamie Barker and Kevin Guy performed a Jitterbug dance routine, Elizabeth Wickens and Madelyn Bressler performed a Tap Duo dance, Liz King and John Bryan danced a Jazz number, Lisa Miller and Mike Anderson performed the Cha Cha, Evelin Vargas and Joseph Cartwright danced the Merengue. The Neighborhood Klassy Kats danced to a Hollywood themed medley, Shiloh Carothers-Milner and Josh Milner did the Hustle, Mandy Metsker and Kevin Guy also did their own Hustle, Billie Treber and Mike Anderson danced the Night Club 2 Step, Lori and Marshall Clevenger did a Jitterbug routine, and the Edward Jones Guys dressed as the Village People and danced to the YMCA.
Voting took place before the event by purchasing votes online. Saturday night attendees also had the ability to vote by donating.
Karen Barden was specially recognized during the recognition section of the evening. Barden currently serves on the Neighborhood Center’s board. According to Emcee and Neighborhood Center Board President Drew Hettich, Barden has been responsible for organizing the event for the last 10 years and has raised nearly $875,000 for the Neighborhood Center.