‘I now feel like I can do anything!’

When you think of a New Year’s start, many people think of a resolution regarding health or weight loss.
Each year people vow to get healthier, lose weight, work-out more, and eat smarter. Some people don’t make it for several reasons: the goal was too extreme, they lost motivation, life got in the way, they weren’t sure exactly how to go about such goals, the excuses or reasons are endless. Nothing is sadder or more discerning when you set these healthy objectives on Jan. 1st and you hear of statistics on how unsuccessful people can be. Today begins a series of articles to come that take a spin on these resolutions and provide some uplifting truths on how the journey to wellness can be accomplished with hard work & dedication. All of these success stories are inspiring and however big or small they might have started out, the first step is the hardest but certainly the most important. Please enjoy the testimonials and good luck in all of your pursuits in this new year…remember if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got. — Julie Rodriguez, Fitness Forum at LifePlex

Editor’s Note: The is the first of three articles in advance of the Best Loser Contest. The cost is $40 for a two-person team and registration is due by Jan. 12 For more information, call 574-936-2333.

Chris Unruh’s Testimonial
Wanting to be around to share special events with his family was the main motivation for Chris to get serious about “shedding the excess weight”. He was also motivated by the fact he was facing a knee replacement if he did not “take off the weight and keep it off” according to his surgeon. Since then he has taken off and kept off over 100 pounds, 187 pounds plus from his heaviest weight!
Chris had tried losing weight many times before by using different fad diets but whatever he lost he would gain back plus more.
Chris currently works out 6 days a week at Fitness Forum/LifePlex and he also works with a Nutritionist who has helped him to look at food differently. She has helped Chris set obtainable and sustainable goals by educating him on reading food labels and understanding what the body really needs. He has made many life changes to maintain his weight loss.
Chris has found that Fitness Forum has fit well with his work schedule! He loves working out at 5 a.m. and being able to be at work by 8 a.m. He also feels that “his days go better after a workout”. “I have some great accountability partners and friends at Fitness Forum. I love this place!” Chris includes two Group Exercise classes in his workout routine Body Pump and Spinning. “I am able to tailor a workout schedule that gives me breaks while working other areas.”
When Chris first started working out his goal was to just “show up” now he is “almost addicted to his workouts”! He has changed from a weight loss mentality goal to one of toning, defining and strengthening.
When asked how he felt now compared to before joining Fitness Forum Chris stated “I feel great!” “I can keep up with my kids, run a flight of stairs and not be winded. I can bike, go on hikes and run the bases in softball. I can do things now that I could not do 10 years ago. I now feel like I can do anything!!”