Must have Bachelor Degree in education or language. Teaches skills & knowledge in foreign
language instruction to secondary pupils, using course of study adopted by the Board of Education
& other appropriate learning activities. Modern foreign language teachers teach aural
comprehension, speaking, reading, & writing. Instructs pupils in citizenship & basic subject matter
specified in state law & administrative regulations & procedures of the school district. Develops
lesson plans & supplementary materials compatible w/ the basic instructional philosophy. Provides
learning exp.s which develop the basic communication skills, using tape recorders & other
electronic equipment as appropriate. Provides individualized & small group instruction in order to
adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil. Instructs pupils in safe operation of electronic
equipment used in language instruction, Makes minor adjustments & requests repairs as required.
Develops pupil understanding & appreciation of culture of countries where the studied language
is spoken. Establishes & maintains standards of pupil behavior needed to provide an orderly,
productive classroom environment. Evaluates each pupil's progress in aural comprehension,
speaking, reading, & writing the foreign language in relationship to the level being taught.
Selects & requisitions books, instructional aides, & instructional supplies; maintains required
inventory records. Communicates w/ parents & school counselors on pupil progress. Identifies
pupil needs & cooperates w/ other professional staff members in helping pupils solve health,
attitude, & learning problems. Supervises pupils in our-of-classroom activities during the assigned
working day, Participates in curriculum & other developmental programs. Participates in faculty
committees & the sponsorship of student activities. Maintains professional competence through
in-service education activities provided by the district, & in self-selected professional growth
activities, such as foreign language workshops. Serves as a positive role model for students.
Other duties as assigned. Grades taught: 7-12. May teach other licensed subjects.
Send resume to:
John Glenn School Corporation, ATTN: Kristan King,
101 John Glenn Drive, Walkerton, IN 46574.