PLYMOUTH — Plymouth was named the Indiana Chamber of Commerce 2019 Republic airways and LIFT academy Community of the Year. Thursday evening, Mayor Mark Senter and several community leaders were joined by a bus full of community members to the 30th annual awards Dinner held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Bus transportation and reservations were funded through the generosity of Sam Schlosser, owner of Plymouth Foundry, Inc. and John J. Oliver, owner of U.S. Granules.

Senior Vice President and Chief administrative Officer for Republic airways Matt Koscal provided some information about Republic airways and the LIFT academy before he introduced Senter, “This year Republic airways celebrates 20 years of calling Indiana home. While we began operations 45 years ago in a small town in upstate New York and had bases all over the country, Indiana is where we set our roots.

We have already heard a few stories this evening about leaders and accomplishments of great people who live here and selfless acts of our neighbors. These stories are true testaments about the type of people who make up the state of Indiana.

It’s a state where the definition of community rings true. a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. at Republic, even though our associates live all over the country, we also embody the same definition of community. We know first hand that if you have a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal, amazing things can happen.

On behalf of our nearly 2,000 Republic associates and LIFT academy students based here in Indianapolis, and

our 6500 associates based across the country, I am honored to introduce another community where incredible things are happening. Let’s learn more about the Republic airways and LIFT academy Community of the Year.”

(The video shown during the presentation can be viewed online at:

Senter accepted the award and expressed gratitude, “Thank you. It’s an honor to accept this award on behalf of all of the people of Plymouth. It’s our people who truly make Plymouth what it is, a great place to live and to do business.

Every mayor thinks that his city is special and I am no different. This summer I was hosting a meeting of fellow mayors from the Northern Indiana Mayors Round Table and made them all pose with me for a photograph under the marquee of our historic Rees Theatre which read, ‘Mayor Mark Senter welcomes Indiana Mayors to the best city in Indiana.

What started out as a playful post among mayors, turned out a lot different an hour later when I received the Chamber’s call to tell me that Plymouth had been selected as the community of the year.

I am here to say a big thank you to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce for selecting us. Plymouth really is a special place. Numerous folks have contributed to our success. Many of them right here in this room. i thank them for everything they have done.

I want to especially acknowledge and thank two people. Sam Schlosser and John Oliver. Sam and John are great advocates for all things Plymouth, both kind and wise and successful businessmen in their own right. Role models for Plymouth and role models for the state. Gentlemen thank you for your support and guidance over the years. In Plymouth we are all about looking forward. We are the place where community and possibilities connect.

I am not stepping off this stage without saying that Plymouth is open for business. You are welcome here. From a start up company with an idea to an established multi-national corporation, there is a place for you in Plymouth, Indiana. Thank you very much.”

Video Transcription:

Narrator: Plymouth is investing in itself. Living up to the motto of where community and possibilities connect. a rich manufacturing heritage includes companies such as Plymouth Foundry and Weirs International Trucks. Today, they are complimented by Hoosier Tire, U.S. Granules, Pretzels Inc., Zentis and many more for a diverse industrial base.

Mark Senter, “There is many old businesses here. We have several that started here that are still here. It is so important to keep them. They do so much for our community.”

Narrator: ITAMCO is another company with a 60 year plus history in Plymouth with a focus on additive manufacturing processes. Gary Neidig of ITAMCO, “My family first migrated to the area in Marshall County in the 1850’s. My family stayed. The areas got cleared. The land became farmland. at that point various different industries came here. My family found that not only was it a great place to live, but it was a great place to work and they were able to pull from those farm communities in order to be able to get their workers where we had great work ethic.” a thriving downtown features entertainment and the arts, the River Park Square gathering spot for the mayor’s month of music series, the local Farmer’s Market and more.

Supporters are helping make the revitalization of the 80 year old Rees Theater a reality. While the annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors. Residents also have plenty to enjoy about their city.

Susan Fortin of Fortres Grand said, “The best thing I love about Plymouth is it’s very backdrop. I can walk across the walking bridge to work. I can walk through a lovely park. On my way to the office I pass a coffee shop where there are friends who gather together every day for coffee. It’s full of life and it’s full of love. We say hello to people on the sidewalk.”

Young people and their future are a key focus. a strong education system is supported by a new Boys & Girls Club that opened in 2018. In addition to serving the business community, the airport provides career training for high school students. Health and wellness are also emphasized.

Put all the ingredients together and Plymouth is a special community. The Isban Family (Joann & Leonard Isban Center for Youth) is one of several deeply involved in all aspects. Mike Isban and his 91 year old father Leonard talk about what makes their home special.

Mike said, “I’d have to say that it’s a good, healthy conservative community, in my opinion.” Leonard agreed. Mike continued, “I think it has a very basic, solid family and consistent values that you can count on.”

Leonard: “I believe that the people are friendly. They make you feel welcome. You know everybody. Everybody knows you. We all get along. We are all pulling for the same thing, a better Plymouth truthfully.”

Narrator: Plymouth thrives on it’s own and works with it’s neighbors. a new aquatic facility and early childhood learning center are Indiana Regional Cities Initiatives. as are the Rivergate South Downtown apartments designed to attract young, working professionals.

at the end of the day Mayor Senter is clear on what makes Plymouth special. “The people of Plymouth, Indiana I do believe is it. Like I said, we saw all that happen just a year and a half ago during the flood. It was just magnificent to see everyone come together and the pride that everyone has in our community.”

Please welcome Mayor Mark Senter of Plymouth, the Indiana Chamber’s 2019 Republic airways and LIFT academy Community of the Year.

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