PLYMOUTH — Earlier this month, more than 800 U.S. based small businesses pitched their products during 30-minute, one-on-one meetings with Walmart and Sam’s Club merchants. There were 175 small businesses received a “yes,” advancing them to the next stage. Ultimately, those that progress fair enough will be able to have their product on the shelves of Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Four of those 175 are from Indiana and one of them is located in Plymouth.

“Wow, we did not realize we were only 1 of 175 chosen! Originally, there were 4,800 applicants and only 850 meetings. Honestly the entire staff has worked very hard to move our facility from a small rural property to a commercial site and we did it to strive for more. But sometimes, we all get so caught up in the work, we forget that what we are striving for is happening in real time. It is still unbelievable!” said Crystal Garza, from Harrington Noodles. 

Garza went on to say that pitching to Walmart in the virtual format was “very well organized” and that they were able to put together a PowerPoint presentation that was easily shared through the Zoom meeting.

“While it was a Zoom meeting, it took out some of the added stress of commuting and finding the destination point on time which was a huge positive. Another positive was not losing production for travel time. With our facility being so small, leaving for a few days can be a challenge,” Garza said.

The product that Garza pitched was their Extra Wide Amish style egg noodles. They were also able to include their Thin and Medium noodles during the Zoom meeting.

Now that Harrington Noodles has progressed to the next stage, they’ll be able to have some of their product in stores for a trial process to see how it performs with their customer base. Garza said that this process could take from six to 12 months. “Meanwhile, we will have to work on increasing production and employees to meet the demand,” she said.

Garza said that growing with Walmart is a “big deal” for everyone at Harrington Noodles. “Not only does it validate all our hard work, but it will also help employ more people, allow for steady hours and increase machinery to lessen their manual labor.”

Harrington Noodles is located in Plymouth and is a family-owned and operated business that has been in business since 1963. For more information about Harrington Noodles, visit or head to their Facebook Page by searching @harringtonnoodles.

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