Owner of Legacy Salon Angela Maroules

Owner of Legacy Salon Angela Maroules was recognized by the Culver Chamber of Commerce as Business Person of the Year for 2019. Shown in photo: Angela Maroules (ieft) with President of Culver Chamber of Commerce Elizabeth Beauchamp.

CULVER -- Owner of Legacy Salon Angela Maroules was honored as Culver Chamber Business Person of the Year for 2019. Chamber member and owner of Lakehouse Grille Mark Damore read her biography, written by Ginny Munroe.

“Angie had big shoes to fill when Michelle Allyn retired from being a hair dresser and handed over the keys to the space she had leased for years. 

We all know how loyal clients are to hair dressers. We all know what it’s like to have a relationship with a hair dresser. 

We are there for more than just a seat in the chair that pumps up to the height appropriate for a cut and style. Many of us are there so we can leave feeling better about ourselves. 

Whether it’s because we had our nails painted or our hair colored or styled, we just want to feel good about how we present ourselves to the world. 

I always thought that hair dressers were pretty gutsy people, taking everyone’s self-worth into their own hands and trying to produce just the right look.

We also know that hair dressers tend to be a lot like teachers or babysitters because children aren’t exactly fond of scissors being that close to their heads.

Or like my niece’s experience when they had their ears pierced with what looked like a nail gun putting holes through their earlobes.

Angie does it all like a pro. She’s been doing it her whole life.

Angie has been known to travel to Miller’s Merry Manor, her client’s homes and anywhere she gets requested to help out. 

As we learn more about our stylist, it seems as there is a shift from that person who cuts my hair to that person who provides me a reprieve from my normal life. 

It seems that every life story we have to tell comes from splitting up to our hairdresser. Before you know it, we develop a relationship with our hairdresser that is more like one we might have with a friend. 

I am Angie’s customer. Often she provides me a reprieve, she is a lot like my therapist. I leave there feeling better about how I present myself to the world and better about myself. 

She gives gifts to me that in a short period of time, I spend every five to six weeks, more than anything else, she is my friend.

It is no surprise to me that someone would vote Angie’s Legacy Salon as Business of the Year. 

The minute you meet her you know that she is a ball of energy that puts all of her being into her work. Whether that work is a business owner, hairdresser, mom or friend. 

Angie came to Culver without all those client relationships. She had to develop all of those with hard work. 

Angie started her job that was started and established by one of Culver’s finest. She started with zero points.

She started with faith in herself and faith in Michelle. She started with faith in a community that would embrace her and her local spirit. She had to go from zero to one hundred in a short period of time. This was critical for her to take care of her family, especially when she became a single mom. 

She worked very hard to build her clientele all while she was taking care of her kids and her community. 

I don’t know what it was like for Angie, but I can only imagine how many stories she has heard as she has played listener, therapist and friend.

It’s not an easy job to build trust and friendships over a pair of scissors in the one or two hours you have to get it right with all the people who walk through the door with an idea of how they want to look, and more importantly how they want to feel when they leave your shop.

Angie literally worked her tail off to build her business in Culver. She went to conferences and continued to learn about her trade, always bringing back new ideas and products. 

She worked hard to build trust among her clients. She moved her kids to the Culver Community School System and embraced everything about Culver, getting involved in dozens of ways. 

She put a lot of sweat into her business and it shows. Today Angie dreams of expanding her business and bringing more services to Culver. Something that will help our community thrive. She believes in community and family and friendship. 

As one of her clients, I have watched her through the ups and downs of starting a business. I have watched her persist as life sometimes threw obstacles her way that would have scared off even the strong among us.

I’ve watched her face those obstacles in moments of humor, in moments of lessons learned, and moments of love for family and friends. 

She kept her faith in mentors like Michelle. She kept her faith in friends and family. She even kept her faith in Culver. She has turned struggles into success. I’m so very proud to know Angie and to stand by her as a client and friend.

I’m so very proud to know that the Chamber has recognized her work in our community. I think she is a special person who makes Culver better and makes each of her clients look and feel better.

What an honor for Angie to know that all her hard work has paid off.”

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