Support the sponsors of your kid’s sports teams 


PLYMOUTH -- In November of 2017, Yoder’s Sports Center in downtown Plymouth was resurrected and came under the ownership of Jeremy and Amanda Price. 

“We really saw a need for it in the community,” stated Amanda Price.

Jeremy Price chimes in, “Every small town needs a sporting goods store.”

In relation to the importance of community involvement to Yoder’s Sports Center, the community is everything.

“We provide the uniforms for the football teams, soccer teams, and softball teams. We’re beginning to get into buying used sporting equipment and selling used so that people can sell what they don’t have a need for right now and we can resell to people so people can more easily afford it,” explains Jeremy Price.

“As for our community, that’s something we really saw a need for. For families on a budget, for families with kids that are involved in a lot of sports, you get two months out of cleats in a season and then they’re still in great shape and your kids outgrow shoes so fast when they’re young and that’s why we decided to start buying and selling used sporting goods,” concludes Amanda Price.

Maria Quint, mother of five sport-savvy sons, cannot overstate how important the action is to her and her family.

Quint begins, “My sons are each in at least two sports, and of course never the same ones. We go through sporting equipment in my house like other houses go through socks. We used to have to go through three different Goodwills to find any sporting equipment at all to purchase at a somewhat decent rate. One day we were walking in downtown Plymouth and my son saw a sweatshirt he desperately wanted in a little store filled with sporting goods galore. He was like a crow seeing something shiny in that sense. Almost afraid to go in, knowing that since this was an actual sporting goods store, prices would most likely be extravagant, I told him he was allowed to check the price and come back and I’ll see what I can do. To my surprise, he came out with a number not unlike box-store sweatshirt prices, and for much better quality.”

After the initial shock, Quint braved the unknown and walked in.

Quint recalls, “Immediately, two girls came over and smiled at me and asked if there was anything I was looking for. After saying I was just looking around, they mentioned there was some used sporting equipment for sale, and I made a beeline for it. I managed to buy the remaining equipment for all my sons sporting season and was told after the season was over I could bring it back and sell it back to them. Yoder’s is the kind of business that truly cares about loyal customers, and isn’t afraid of forming personal relationships with their clients. Ever since that day, I have never shopped at another sporting goods store. The service here is just phenomenal, and it would be like cheating myself to go anywhere else.”

While sports is definitely an important business aspect to the Price family, it’s also implemented into their personal family life. “Sports have always been a focus in our family. Getting the kids active, getting them out of the house and doing stuff is great for a kid’s childhood. It gets them away from electronics and gives them a chance to be a kid. Being part of a team shows them how to work together.”

Yoder’s Sports Center prioritizes giving back to the community in as many ways as possible. Jeremy Price states, “It’s easy to order anything off the internet these days, even sporting goods. We have always prioritized service to our customers and that’s what’s really lacking when you shop through a screen.” Amanda Price adds, “We truly take pride in giving back to our community. We have supported a number of not-for-profit organizations and youth sports and that’s something huge for us. We invest in our community and that’s what really sets us apart from shopping online or at a big retail store. Big-box stores won’t sponsor your kid’s rec team.”

And sponsor they have.

Yoder’s Sports Center sponsored a baseball team, a girls softball team, the girls' softball rec league team, a t-ball team, and teams in Rochester, Stark County, and Plymouth all in the past three months.

“It’s all about the kids. The winning and losing, they have to learn to take it both ways. Sometimes you strike out, just like you strike out in life. We try to teach these kids the real-life lessons through sports they’re going to need in their future. That’s why it’s so important to shop local and support some of the big pushes for community improvement and involvement. Shopping local is all about supporting those who support you,” Amanda Price affirmed.

“It gives us all a brighter future when you support local businesses,” concludes the couple.

You can find Yoder’s Sports Center at 218 North Michigan Street in downtown Plymouth or on their Facebook page.

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