Lincolnway Auto Body

Lincolnway Auto Body: “We treat our customers with fender loving care."


Lincolnway Auto Body is one of the local car dealerships and auto body repair businesses that has made its home in Marshall County. Run by the Wilson family, the shop is owned by Cecil and Pam Wilson.

Niki Hundt, daughter of Pam and Cecil Wilson and up front personnel for the business explains, “Lincolnway Auto Body is a body shop for collision and restoration repair. We do a lot of repair and painting of vehicles, whether they are new, old, foreign, domestic. We also sell cars on the side.”

Lincolnway Auto Body has been in business in Marshall County for over 30 years now. Cecil Wilson ended up purchasing Truman Motors back in 1985, which was originally an AMC franchise new car dealership. “Cecil [Wilson] had always had a passion for cars,” begins Hundt, “At a very young age he started to work on them and began to repair vehicles and actually when I was growing up he had his body shop at our old house. So eventually when this came available from Paul Truman, he bought it from Paul. That was about 34 years ago and he’s been in business here ever since.”

Hundt goes on to reiterate, “This is definitely a family business, my brother works here, I have an uncle that works here, my nephew works here, it’s what everyone in my family does.” 

The fact that the ‘family’ part of the family business is focused so heavily at Lincolnway does lead to a certain focus on customer service for the Wilson family. Hundt states, “My favorite part about working here is working with my family. My dad is a pretty honest guy and he treats every single car that comes through as if it were his own. That can be pretty hard to find these days, an honest repairman.”

The community seems to share Hundt’s sentiment. Hillary Smith, a self-proclaimed ‘almost criminally ignorant car enthusiast,’ refuses to go to anyone but Lincolnway Auto Body. Smith states, “I come from the city, well, Chicago isn’t ‘the’ city but it’s certainly rough trying to find honest repair work. I would go in for a problem that should have only been a few hundred dollars at the most to come out with a bill for a few thousand. When I moved here for a new job I was nervous that I would find the same sort of treatment. I put off any repair work on my car for almost three years. It was insane. Finally it got to the point to where I was getting a little nervous about my car actually starting when it got cold. These Indiana winters aren’t just hard on us, they’re hard on our cars. I started looking around for a repair shop that I could trust, and I just wasn’t getting any traction. The rates were suspiciously high or the guy just didn’t seem to know what he was doing. I ended up calling Lincolnway as they were pretty much my last hope if I didn’t want to go all the way to my original dealership a few hundred miles away. When I called this lady was ridiculously friendly, I mean she might have been from the Andy Griffith show, you know what I mean? Anyway, she was really honest and told me to come buy so they could take a look and see if they could do anything. When I arrived at this place, a guy who I came to find out was Cecil, took a five minute look at my car and promised 100% satisfaction. I felt like I could trust this guy with my life. A few weeks later my baby was running better than ever at a rate way better than I had been offered other placed. I cannot recommend these guys enough. They are brilliant, they are friendly, and most importantly, they’re honest. They will never cheat you. All I can say is to go to them is to live a life, at least when it comes to cars, free of worry.”

Lincolnway Auto Body holds community involvement high for their business. From direct partnerships with local insurance agencies to working with the local law enforcement, Lincolnway is involved with the community as much as possible. Hundt wants the community to know that Lincolnway Auto Body is here for them. Hundt states, “We love to serve our community, we really do. We do a lot of work for our police, the fire department, the sherrifs’ department, the local PD, the county. We have return customers that my dad has been helping for years and years. When you come here, you’re putting food on our table, not just corporate.”

Lincolnway Auto Body can be found at 1230 Lincoln Hwy E or on their website.

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