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Stefanie Pippenger featuring her ‘cupcakery’ menu.

PLYMOUTH -- Stefanie Pippenger, owner of La D’zert Café, opened Valentine’s Day of 2013. La D’zert Café is a ‘cupcakery’ or a cupcake bakery at its core, but is currently branching out.

Other desserts such as cheesecakes and other cakes and other goodies are currently lining the shelves in the little shop. La D’zert Café offers specialty cakes and also hosts various events and luncheons in Le Garden Chalet. Themed events are also on the horizon for La D’zert Café.

As for the history of La D’zert Café, Pippenger admits, “We weren’t planning on opening this. We were trying to open up something on our property in Argos but my great aunt had come through here looking for the frame shop and we came here and looked at it and it all fell into place in that October of 2012. It was such a great opportunity there was no real reason to turn it down.”

Pippenger states, “Here at La D’zert Café we focus big time on customer service and your experience with us as a whole. It isn’t that you just sit down and gulp down a cupcake. We like to be a completely different experience. The atmosphere is different, the customer service is different, the whole feel of the place is different. We want you to come in and enjoy. This isn’t a typical grab and go although that is an option. We like the whole idea of you coming in, sitting down, and enjoying your time here at La D’zert Café.”

The winds of change are coursing through La D’zert Café this autumn season.

Pippenger explains, “The themed dinners are something new that we’ve been thinking about for a couple years. I finally told my mom that we’re doing it, we’re really doing it. I was sick of it being stuck on the shelf and then dusting it off every few years. These dinners are themed events that are going to be four course dinners. We really want to bring this to the community because this is something you usually only find in the big cities. For the dinners, we have the same mentality we always do. We want you to have an experience, not just a meal. For our second themed dinner, we are partnering with George Shricker over at the Wild Rose Moon. After the meal, there is a band available after. The thing is, if you were going to go to Chicago or some other big city it’s definitely where if you want to take in the whole experience it isn’t going to be done within an hour. The dinners will be a three hour event on their own. There will be several parts of the evening and it will be a full night of memories.”

The first dinner will be called A Tuscan Sunset, and the next will be called Under the Mistletoe. The dinners will continue throughout next year on the first Saturday of every month.

Pippenger concludes, “We’re just really excited for this to happen.” 

As for favorites, Pippenger’s favorite cupcake is the Strawberry Burst. Creativity and freedom of expression is also a heavy focus of Pippenger’s. Le Cupcake Design, though not as publicly featured anymore as in years past, allows customers to pick their bass, their frosting, and their toppings. Whatever the customer wants, the customer gets.

Pippinger is a big advocate for supporting local businesses. A local artisan by the name of Jen Trump will have her olive oils featured at the Tuscan dinner. Pippinger also features a table in her shop for local business cards and the like.

Pippinger states, “We’re really trying to partner with the local people, the local businesses, from entertainment to the ingredients, to the whole evening.” 

Pippinger states, “I think if you don’t support your local businesses your town will eventually dry up. Your downtown is the very start of where your town began. Where we are right now is where Plymouth first began. This is what people associate with Plymouth. The history is rich and it is vital to support downtowns, especially for economic growth. Even I’m guilty of this. Before I started my own business I didn’t even come down here. It’s like it didn’t exist. Like many others, I would avoid this place and take the highway to get through so I didn’t have to deal with traffic. I try to get people to come down here, not only for me, but I entice them to support other local businesses such as Black Cat or the French Press or the Lodge. If we all did word-of-mouth it would really boost downtown.”

La D’zert Café can be found at 203 N Michigan St in downtown Plymouth or on their Facebook page. 

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