David Teter is the proud owner of Granny’s, 112 S Center St., Plymouth.

PLYMOUTH -- A small family business owned and operated by David Teter, Granny’s has a long history of serving the community pizza and other assorted goodies.

David Teter divulges the long history of the business in the community and says, “We first came to town as Harold’s Pizza in 1968 and the first Granny’s opened up in 1980 and we’ve been in this location for about 25 years as Granny’s Crust Company.”

As for who is this ‘Granny’ of Granny’s Crust Company, Teter recalls, “I worked with my parents almost all of my life and when dad passed about 6 years ago and my mom retired I took over and I became Granny.” 

As for taking over, it was a completely natural move for Teter.

“This is all I know how to do,” begins Teter, “Everybody is always hungry all the time and they come in and they see a familiar face and they look and say ‘Oh hey, you’re still making pizzas. Is it as good as it always was?’ I say ‘Well are your taste buds the same as they always were?’ We laugh and they enjoy a slice of pizza or a salad or a cheese crisp.”

Callie Runder, a recently converted Granny’s fanatic states, “I was walking along downtown one day and it suddenly started to rain, as it can happen in the middle of the Midwest. I ended up winding up in this tiny little diner on the corner looking like something out of a movie. I went in and immediately was greeted by the cutest little kid I’d ever seen doing her homework on the table. A man who soon introduced himself as ‘Granny’ came up and smiled and held a polite and humorous conversation with me. I ended up buying enough food to feed a small army but I don’t regret a single bite. Simple food with extraordinary flavor seems to be the mark of Granny’s. I’ve gone to many small diners in my life and many restaurants in general but the personal touch of Granny’s is just unbeatable.”

Caroline Runder, daughter of Callie Runder, states with a chocolate chip cookie in each hand, “Granny’s is definitely the best. They give me free cookies sometimes and then my mom can’t say no!”

Whether that be a warning for parents or an invitation, Granny’s has certainly branded itself ‘kid-friendly’ according to Caroline. 

As for favorites on the menu ‘Granny’ holds the same belief as his customers, simple and fun wins it all.

Teter elaborates, “Carolina salads make up about 60 percent of my sales. I’ve never thought of myself as a salad shop I was always a pizza shop but in this kind of business you have to be able to grow with the market. It’s a fun salad and I’ve always made it a point to be creative in this business and it just happened to be one of those things that works out.”

As for how Teter views the importance of supporting local businesses, he leads by example.

Teter explains, “I can tell you right off if I ever have anything I need to happen like a new driveway put in or carpentry work or paint work or anything I immediately go down the list of my customers. They support me and I support them and that’s what community is built upon. I think that same mindset goes through the entire community especially with places that are locally owned. So for work, I go through my customers, find out who’s local, and give them a call. If I have a chance to buy lumber or something locally I’m going to tell them ‘I’m Granny’ when I go in there and I’m going to see if they have the same mindset of supporting the local businesses. Whether or not they buy a pizza afterwards they’ll at least have me on their mind and maybe they can spread support through word of mouth or on social media. Words can go a long way. I definitely think that the local businesses are important and we need to support each other as much as possible.”

Teter concludes, “I make it a point to have a creative, warm atmosphere here at Granny’s. I support my customers even through different generations. You support me, and I support you.”

Granny’s can be found at 112 S Center St. in downtown Plymouth. 

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