Essence Spa and Salon

PLYMOUTH -- New to Plymouth is a one of a kind salon called Essence Spa and Salon. Owned by Julie Sweeney, this fully functioning spa and salon has been open for only three weeks! In the spa and salon there is a Himilayan salt room, a sauna, and a tanning salon among the classic aspects of a salon. 

Sweeney opens with, “This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Many many years have led to this. I’ve been in the industry for twelve years. I got the building in July and here we are in November. All of my staff has helped me this year. This has been a dream of mine for a long time but I couldn’t have gotten here without all of my girls helping me.”

Circles can be found everywhere in Essence, even the hair stations. Sweeney says, “I was looking forever for my hair stations. I found them in a salon in Australia. I searched everywhere for them, but it turns out she had them made. I ended up having one of my girls husbands make them for me. No one else has them except for the lady in Australia. The message of our salon is the circle of life, the essence of life. The health and wellness part in circle of life together is we love the tree and the circle of life because if you help yourself by being healthy you will be able to live longer in a healthier life. By taking care of yourself you live longer and healthier. With it connecting to the spa and salon part of it, if you look better you feel better. If you take care of yourself you will live longer, which is the circle part of it. A consistent cycle is what life is. In our logo essence being calm and relaxing part of life and our olive branch representing strength is what we pull together as a team for the meaning of our logo and our business.”

As for the products and ingredients, Sweeney states, “We have professional products for all of our facials and body treatments and stuff like that.”

Currently, Sweeney’s favorite place in the salon is the Himilayan salt room. The salt room is wall to wall Himilayan salt, with chairs and beds and benches. “First people take their shoes off,” says Sweeney, “We have chairs and niches for people. Some people bring in books, some people bring in their earbuds. The feet have large pores and so do your hands, so you can put your feet on the heated domes and hold salt in your hands to experience the full benefits. As salt warms up it reloads positive and negative ions which gives us the benefit of breathing better among a million other things. People who have arthritis or joint pain like to come in and lay on the bed and just breathe.” 

Sweeney wants to ensure that all of the benefits found in Essence are affordable to the community. “We want to have deals like three dollar Thursdays. We’re going to do packages like 10 for $40 and a bunch of all the fun stuff. Maybe even two dollar Tuesdays for tanning. All of our prices are Plymouth pricing. I want everyone to be able to come here and enjoy. I don’t want to sit empty. We’re going to have so many activities in the back like customer appreciation barbecues in the summer,” says Sweeney. 

“We’re not just a spa and salon we are also focusing in on health and wellness. We have dry brushing, Beamers, and a conference room for different activities,” explains Sweeney.  

Sweeney doesn’t plan to stop now. Sweeney has big plans for the coming year. Starting in January, Essence spa and salon will feature a float tank. Sweeney states, “Float tanks are essentially a gigantic jacuzzi filled with epsom salt. Have you ever heard a mom or a grandparent say ‘just soak it?’ Salt is heavier than your body so basically you just get in there and float. Float tanks are amazing for athletes of all ages. Float tanks promote healing, pain relief, better sleep, stress relief, and increased focus and concentration. Float tanks obviously aren’t only limited to athletes. The best thing about it is float tanks are for all ages. We can have people from five to eighty five enjoy these benefits. It’s all just very zen and calming.”

Staff members of Essence include massage therapists Jessica Sliter and Sara Yorko, estheticians Jessica Sliter and Amy Guerra, nail technician Amy Guerra, aromatherapist Elizabeth Borys, and hair stylists Melissa Ferguson, Courtney Dubie, Candice Gomez, Karissa Duff, Chrisa Eastburn, and Katelyn Vervynckt. Guerra is also licensed for the new trend of “sugaring.” 

Sweeney is a huge advocate for supporting local businesses. “All of us girls are very passionate about helping people. I think it is very important to support local business. Everything we have done we’ve done locally. We got all of our paint from town, our tile in town, our printing at Bowen printing. 100 percent we want to support everyone here, and we hope that they will also support us in turn,” explains Sweeney. 

Sweeney concludes, “I want this to be for the community, a business for the good of the community. There’s something here for everybody. We have kids doing their homework in the salt room, high school girls coming to get their date night hair done, and women coming for a me day. I want people to come in and be happy and healthy. We are all very passionate about helping people in every way we can.” 

Essence can be found at 1101 E Jefferson in Plymouth or on their Facebook page. 

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