Ed Rodriguez

Ed Rodriguez

PLYMOUTH -- Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group is a company that has found a home right in the heart of Plymouth, although the company has footholds in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. There are 12 real estate agents in Plymouth and Culver. Ed Rodriguez is one of the real estate agents for the regional area. Rodriguez states that Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group is, “a powerful company. Coldwell Bankers Real Estate Group offers overs six decades of realtor experience backed by family ownership that is customer focused and believes in honesty, integrity, and strong family values.”

Rodriguez goes on to explain, “I will tell you, I’m not a brown noser or anything but I can tell you that these folks, the owners, they are as genuine as you can get. We had an outing at the South Bend Cubs with them, all the real estate agents, and we are sitting across from each other eating hot dogs. That’s not a very common thing where you have the upper level so involved. These people are very down to earth, very honest and caring individuals, and I don’t just say that.”

Rodriguez states, “I have been a realtor for three years now. Right out of the gate I have been with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group. This business is not just about selling homes and properties for people. People want someone that they can trust. Someone to guide them through the really tough decisions with confidence and compassion. I’m honest with my clients and I get them to think hard about what they can afford comfortably and sustainably. No one should lose their home and the first step is to ensure that their home can remain their home.”

Rodriguez was not always in real estate. Prior to his current occupation, Rodriguez was in chickens. “Yes I was in chickens,” laughs Rodriguez. “I’ve been in sales and finance for about thirty years now. Having this blend of sales and finance to help me and my clients has proven incredibly useful. This helps me help them understand loan structure, interest rates, terms, and affordability. I’ve travelled internationally and worked for many different companies and I can honestly say I work tirelessly for my clients,” explains Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is dedicated to his mission. Rodriguez admits, “I spend a tremendous amount of my own time learning and educating myself in the art of real estate. It truly is an art. I never want to be in the position where a client calls me and I get caught unprepared and am unable to help them and take care of them in the way I believe a professional should. What really shouldn’t happen and can’t happen if you want to succeed is hiring a professional without understanding their credentials or their work ethic from just listening to word of mouth or because they are friends. I’m proud of my accreditation’s that I’ve accomplished through my own time, money, and hard work. These aren’t just free, and they take a bit of time to complete all the way through. I want to represent the Sellers and Buyers in the best possible light and I want to educate myself on the best way to do that. My list of accreditations include the SRS, the Seller’s Representative Specialist, am ABR which is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative at one of the highest levels, and the comprehensive training of the GRI which is the Graduate Realtor Institute which only a few realtors in the nation possess. I want to be the best I can be for my clients.”

Rodriguez and Coldwell Bankers Real Estate Group value local community involvement. Rodriguez begins, “Our company is dedicated to supporting local communities by sponsoring local events such as participation in the Blueberry Festival, the Latino Festival, and a local pet adoption event with the Marshall County Humane Society. A true professional should give back to the community. Not only giving back through money, but also time and talent. Being involved in activities that help our community grow is extremely important, especially when it helps the people that call this place home. I enjoy being a part of St. Michaels Catholic Church and several other ministries and community oriented groups. It makes me happy and fulfilled to work on my community that gives back to this place.”

Rodriguez is incredibly passionate about the pet adoption event. Rodriguez continues, “We have a really cool local pet adoption thing at the Marshall County Humane Society, and that’s just our office. Coldwell Bankers does that in all of their offices across the nation. It’s one weekend in September and the objective is to get people to adopt three hundred dogs in that one weekend. We’ve come really close. I think two hundred and eighty five was the last number we hit. To be able to pull that off in just four hours takes a lot, that’s something else.”

Rodriguez concludes, “The point is that I'm here to help. My message has never changed. Do yourself a favor and interview me. If that sounds confident, isn’t that’s what you want?”

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group and Rodriguez can be found at 540 N Oak Drive in Plymouth Indiana.

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