Jennifer and George Adams

Jennifer and George Adams in front of their Christmas toy display in Bargain Sales.


Editor’s note: This story appeared in the Pilot News earlier this month before Christmas.

PLYMOUTH -- Jennifer and George Adams opened up the business only five weeks ago in early November. 

Jennifer Adams explains, “What Bargain Sales really is is it’s just a store for normal items at a discounted price. Everything in the store is at least 40% off of the retail price. I go through absolutely everything that comes through  and check everything to make sure nothing comes to our store damaged and make sure that it’s in working order and that it’s in a good condition for our customers before we sell.”

Bargain Sales is able to offer a discounted price to their customers because they buy their items in bulk from major retailers and brands and resell it to their customers. 

As for how the idea originated for the couple, Jennifer Adams states, “I have actually been thinking about opening something like this for a few years now. For the past year we have actually been doing this out of our own home. It eventually just became way too much for us. We started to look for a spot and we ended up seeing this and we thought that this place would work out good for us and now here we are.” 

Currently, Bargain Sales is advertising children’s toys and Christmas gifts for the holiday season.

However, Bargain Sales is not a children’s focused store.

Jennifer Adams explains, “We are not necessarily a children’s focused store. Right now because of Christmas we have put a lot of focus into our toys because that’s what people want and what people are looking for right now. We just got out furniture load in and we’re about to see a lot more of that coming in over the next week. We try to do a variety of things for our customers.” 

Jennifer Adams goes on to explain what they offer in the Bargain Sales store. “Right now with Christmas coming up, we have a lot of toys in the store. For kids toys, recently we have had the LOL dolls, LEGO’s, Ryan’s World, all the popular toys which tend to fly off the shelves very quickly. I don’t know, I think it’s just that people need to understand that we have a variety. It’s not just toys!its not just furniture it’s everything.”

Maggie Schneider, a customer of Bargain Sales states, “These guys only opened up about a month ago, but I think I’ve become one of their best customers. Their prices are unbelievable. They stock everything from furniture to toys to lamps to pillows to bedding to art supplies. It’s insane. They’re a God given gift to this community. I was able to buy my kids a pile of Christmas toys thanks to these people. When you walk in their store they immediately greet you with a smile and help you find anything you’re looking for. It feels as if you’re walking into an old friend’s home. They are truly angels here on Earth.”

The couple advocates for supporting local businesses in Plymouth. Jennifer Adams states, “When you support small local businesses you support your local families and those small businesses support your local community much better than the big box stores that are the other option. We are just working folk.”

George Adams chimes in, “Bargain Sales is going to spend their money right here, you know, and Walmart is going to spend their money somewhere else. As for business, what I have told my customers is when we were first starting out is that I wish we could have found a store like this. We didn’t have any money to throw around. Folks can get everything they need here.”

Jennifer Adams concludes, “The working man can come in here and they can get toys for their kids for Christmas and not have to stress over the Maoist of money that that kind of stuff costs. They can also probably pick up a lot more for their money here than they would be able to if they were to go somewhere else. I’m in social services that’s what I do for a living, so I guess that’s my passion. I want to be able to offer that to people. I know how expensive life can be and I see I how people hurt and we just want to help.”

Bargain Sales can be found at 103 W Laporte St in downtown Plymouth or on their Facebook page. 

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