Cardboard Boat Race "Crew" Members

Cardboard Boat Race "Crew" Members (left to right): Amber Cowell, Ginger Budzius, Teresa Yuhas, Tom Yuhas, George Tamminga, and Ruth Tamminga

First place: Youth Multi-Person: Boat Name - "Moana" (Participant: Mike Callard)

First place: Adult Single: Boat Name - "Moana" (Participants: Ashley Callard and Michael Callard)

First place: Adult Team: Boat Name - "Rainbow Dash" (Participants: Nathan Walker and Ivy Walker)

Dreamboat Award (boat decoration/theme): Boat Name - "Let's Go Tubin'" (Participants: Su-Lin Hansen and Corban Harland)

Spirit Award (enthusiasm/costume): Boat Name - "Rainbow Dash" (Participants: Nathan Walker and Ivy Walker)

Titanic Award (most epic fall): Boat Name - "Just Bob" (Participant: Ruth Tamminga)

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